English Language

1. To enhance pupils’ speaking, listening, reading, writing and thinking skills.
2. To cultivate pupils’ language arts.
3. To improve pupils’ reading and writing skills through guided reading and process writing.
4. To provide a firm grammar foundation.




1. Guided Reading
  Students are assessed one-to-one and placed into reading level groups of 4-8. Teachers work with these small groups to teach vital reading strategies and are given books at their correct instructional level.
2. English Language Learning Support Services
  School-based English Language curriculum (P3 and P4) is developed with the help of English Language Learning Support Services so as to help pupils learn in a more effective way.
3. English Drama/ Movie Team
  Both in and out of lessons, students are encouraged to role-play and participate in plays and skits. We aim to increase interaction and provide authentic practice.

Many of the Drama and Movie team members meet every lunchtime to discuss and develop scripts (In English only!), ideas and to learn more about the theatre/ movie-making process.

4. Fung Kei TV Team
  A FKTV team and a film project will be run for more able pupils to provide authentic language and enhance pupils' cooperative skills, team spirit and creativity.